Promotion, consulting, marketing and sales development

for small and medium-sized businesses.

Business Strategy & Corporate Development


Through the experience of highly qualified people and the skills gained over the years we help hotel accommodation businesses, with our services, projects and flexible solutions, to be more competitive in the markets of Italy and abroad to gain important market shares necessary for a staff development of the structure.
We believe in the personal relationship with our customers taking risks that others are not willing to sign: this is what makes us unique and different; each contract takes advantage of the formula “Guaranteed Objectives” a model based on sharing with the structure of the results obtained.


Our consulting activity is made up of a series of innovative and coherent services, whose purpose is to help hotel companies to constantly strengthen their competitive position and to satisfy, needs and needs, in real growth advantages.

GLT s.r.l. makes its professionalism available to the client with a methodology and flexible systems that can be easily integrated with the way of working of the same.

The promotion activity of GLT s.r.l. favors a real relationship between the tourist demand market and the hotels that selects and represents.

Sales Marketing & Public Relations
Corporate Finance / Real Estate Investment

Business strategies
& Business development

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Sales Marketing
& Public Relations

Destinations in Italy
Hospitality & Sports

Corporate Finance
Real estate investments

Social services



Via dei Mille 31, 50131 Firenze (FI)

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